Our Stewart Island Restaurant

Church Hill is currently open for the 2019-20 season

This season at Church Hill we have been joined by the young chef, Kadin Conner. We are very pleased to have Kadin on board and with his skill and passion for food we will be able to expand what Church Hill has to offer those wanting to dine with us.

We are very proud to have Kadin and he represents all that we are at Church Hill; local and fresh. It is an exciting time for both ourselves and the dinners this season.



Evening Dining at Church Hill

We take evening bookings from 6pm

As a boutique establishment we book a very limited number of guests, and rarely groups larger than 6, especially over the extremely busy months of summer. We have a strong focus on quality over quantity and allow ourselves time to deliver the quality we are known for. This often means many people miss out on getting a booking at the restaurant and we apologise should you find we don't have a table available at the time you wish. 

We are all about Stewart Island and have created our menus to highlight our wonderful region and country. We are very proud of what we offer and never stop striving to be the best we can be.

Evening restaurant booking can only be made no more than 1 month in advance of the booking date.

Should you find your plans change please advise us so we can give your table to another diner.

We are fully licensed and do not offer BYO.

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What we offer at church hill