Church Hill food is heavily biased to Stewart Island and Southland and that is something we don’t need to apologise for, after all, we are surrounded by some of the best produce in the world.

New Zealand is a truly blessed nation when it comes to produce. When you combine the produce with a desire to produce quality cuisine, in a quality setting, with friendly and personal service you get a restaurant like Church Hill. We are very proud of where we have taken our restaurant and invite you to share it with us during your time on Stewart Island.

All the food we serve is made in house, except where we cant make it of course, and we love our food to have a story. We try to have a personal connection to making it, growing it, sourcing it from local fisherman or divers, or maybe it was caught by my uncle on the west coast. If you ask about our food we can tell you everything about it.; what is in it and where we got it. We try to make it as accessible as possible to all diners so we make things gluten free where possible, and since we make it fresh we can adjust to the needs of the guests as much as possible.


Things will come and go throughout the season. Sometimes they are not available for seasonal reasons, or the weather when it comes to fishing, or maybe we run out and await more, so please be aware that the listed items on our website may differ from what is available during your visit.


All prices listed on our website and menus are in New Zealand dollars (NZD)

What we offer at church hill