Welcome to Church Hill Boutique Lodge & Restaurant

Church Hill Restaurant Limited is a proudly New Zealand owned and operated business that offers fully hosted accommodation and dining on Stewart Island, New Zealand. We have an emphasis on fresh local produce, homemade and prepared to order. 

Your hosts are Deanne and Chris Sara who re-established Church Hill Restaurant & Oyster Bar in 2012 and Church Hill Boutique Lodge & Restaurant in 2017.

"For us, it is all about our island and the experience we want our guests to take away with them."

Situated on the hill by the church we offer wonderful views of the bay, the outer islands and our guests the best of Stewart Island.

All prices listed for accommodation, dining, related products, and services are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD).

When paying by secure online payment YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE CHARGED IN NZD  

The News

Closed for the Season

It has been a long season with all the extra work of the building project. We had a terrible summer weather wise but the guests were as nice as ever and we have really enjoyed meeting and entertaining you all.

Thanks to the staff who worked this year and we wish you all the best in the future and hopefully we will get to see you all again; here or elsewhere.

We will reopen in September 2017 for the 2017-18 season, but next season we will have the lodge and the new challenges that will come with it. We are very excited and have many plans for the future. Stay tuned and please feel free to contact us over our holiday period should you have any questions or bookings.

Please note that we will only take bookings for the restaurant 1 month in advance of your booking. This will allow us to manage our lodge booking with our restaurant booking. Lodge bookings can be made any time in advance.

Thanks for all the support and great feedback. We enjoy our work but are looking forward to the break.


Regards Deanne and Chris

Church Hill Lodge

​We have all but completed the lodge, so after a number of years in the planning it is great to finally have something to promote and offer to the discerning travelers to Stewart Island. We are proud to be giving the island another accommodation option, a high end option that intends on pampering our guests. We are fully hosted and look forward to extending all the best of our restaurant into the Lodge.

Throughout the development process from concept to design to build we have been anticipating what would make a great lodge. What we have always focused on is service and setting. Everything we have created is about you as a guest; what makes your stay enjoyable, what takes away the hassles of travel, what makes you want to come back and recommend to your friends. We feel very happy that we have achieved what we set out to do. We will always be the best we can, but we want that best to be the best.

We look forward to taking accommodation to a new level on Stewart Island. For 5 years we have constantly strived to improve the restaurant experience at Church Hill and we know we have, so now we look forward to growing the Lodge .

​We invite you to check out the accommodation section of this site and if you are visiting the island you may wish to pop up the hill and see us in person.

​Thanks again to all those who have helped along the way and we will plan our official opening for the start of next season.​

What we offer at church hill