Terms and Conditions

Church Hill Restaurant Limited

Trading as Church Hill Boutique Lodge & Restaurant


Covid-19 Cancellations:

If you find yourself in the situation where you are unable to travel due to covid-19 restrictions we will not be invoking our cancellation policy as we fully understand this situation is out of all of our hands.

Covid-19 Vaccinations:
The NZ Government has announced the planned introduction of a "Traffic Light" system that will come into effect when 90% of eligible New Zealanders have been fully vaccinated. In accordance with that system, Church Hill Boutique Lodge & Restaurant, as a small and intimate hospitality venue, will require proof of vaccination (or valid documentation of vaccine exemption) from all guests. Guests who arrive when this system is in place without a valid vaccine certificate, or valid exemption, will be denied entry and their booking will be deemed a "no-show", incurring a 100% payment penalty. More information on the Traffic Light system can be found at https://covid19.govt.nz/alert-levels-and-updates/covid-19-protection/.

Terms & Conditions:


Church Hill Restaurant Limited (hereafter referred to as Church Hill) operates a boutique lodge and restaurant at 36 Kamahi Road, Stewart Island, New Zealand.

Church Hill is a privately owned and operated New Zealand business and complies to all New Zealand laws and regulations which govern the operation of a business in New Zealand.

Church Hill will at all times respect customers rights and the management will address any issues directly where possible, or will co-operate with external bodies where appropriate. 

Church Hill maintains the right to refuse any customers right of entry to the 36 Kamahi Road property.

Church Hill will endeavour to response to all correspondence in a timely and professional manner.

A reservation at Church Hill is only valid if it is confirmed by a Church Hill employee - An application for a reservation does not represent a confirmed reservation.

Church Hill reserves the right to cancel or dishonor a reservation that does not meet any of the conditions that have been stated and communicated to the customer. This may include but is not limited to: default on deposit payments, not meeting a reservation time or date, changing a reservation group number without prior notice, not confirming a booking that expicitly required confirmation.  

Church Hill expects all customers to act in an appropriate manner towards all other customers and Church Hill staff at all times.

Church Hill owners (Deanne and Chris Sara) reserve the right to operate the business in the way that they feel reflects their goals and standards for the organisation. That said, the rights of the customer as laid down by New Zealand laws will be observed.

Any decisions or actions taken by Church Hill management regarding customer matters will be considered full and final and no further correspondence will be entered into.

Church Hill respects a customers rights to seek external advice on any matter that they feel they need to address.

As a business operating within New Zealand all terms used to define services or products at Church Hill will be as they are "known" within New Zealand. The management are aware that many customers are from "overseas" and will at times have a different understanding of various terminology. Management will endeavour to clarify misunderstandings and correct said misunderstandings in an appropriate manner.


Payment Terms:

All prices quoted within this website or on the 36 Kamahi Road property are in New Zealand dollars (NZD).

All prices include GST (Goods and Service Tax) in accordance with the Goods and Services Tax Act 1985.

Church Hill operates a booking system for accommodation. Within this system all the terms and conditions for payment are stated.

Customer concerns regarding a payment made to Church Hill will be handled by management directly at +64 3 2191 123 or at www.churchhill.co.nz