Astro Tourism

The night skies are not always clear on Rakiura, but when they are, it is worth the wait!

Astronomy and Astrophotography

We can not claim to be experts in the night skies but our knowledge is growing and if you have a little understanding of your own we welcome your input. We can do a lot of viewing from our front lawn and have a pad for the telescope so setting up is reasonably simple. Our lodge guests have enjoyed learning with me as we explore the night. Even people passing by with taken the opportunity to have a look. Everyone really enjoys their first view of Saturn and Jupiter. The moon is an incredible sight when it fills the eyepiece of the telescope.

Astrophotography is the thing that I'm really excited about. Capturing images of deep space objects lets you enjoy your exploring at a whole other level. Wide-angle shots of the Milky Way are hard to beat and the scope for composing images with different foregrounds is endless.


Astronomy Equipment we use

10" Dobsonian telescope. It is on a GOTO mount that assists in finding those night sky objects we are trying to observe. We also have a range of barlows and eyepieces that allow for different levels of magnification.

50 x 10 binoculars that are great at exploring the vastness of space. Binoculars give an excellent view of the many stars that the eye can not quite see.

Unistellar eVscope Digital Telescope that will give us the ability to both observe and record the night skies. This is a great piece of equipment and something we will look to build our knowledge upon. As operators of an eVscope telescope we are part of the planetary defence program run in conjunction with SETI.

For those who enjoy Astrophotography we have an iOptron SkyGuide Pro mount that can hold your camera and track the objects you want to photograph allowing for long exposure times and improved image quality.

If you want to capture some deep space images we have an adaptor for Canon and Nikon cameras that allows you to use your camera with the Dobsonian telescope.



We are planning on extending our season into May 2022 so we can focus on astronomy during a period of time that offers longer nights. Unlike the summer where we need to wait to well after 10pm to start observations by May we will be fully dark by early evening.

Details surrounding what we will be doing will be posted on this site as they develop. We look forward to being able to share our place, equipment and time with people who have a passion for the stars and beyond.

We welcome any contact from those wishing to make star grazing a part of their time on Rakiura and we will update our website as more detail comes to hand.

We would like to acknowledge the support we have been given by Astronz.

If you are wanting to get information or advice on Astronomy equipment then visit the Astronz website.