Astro Tourism

Rakiura is a dark skies sanctuary that offer astronomers great views of the Universe. We are one of the most southern places on the planet and getting here is both easy and comfortable.

We are very keen on the stars, and we love tourists at Church Hill, so we thought we would combine the two and develop some capability to support those travelling to Rakiura to enjoy the night skies.

We are very new to the whole "Star Grazing" experience but are learning very fast about what the Universe has to offer. 

Over the coming months we will develop our skills and hopefully we can add something to those travelling to our lands and skies.

We currently have a 10" Dobsonian telescope with a GOTO mount that assists in finding those night sky objects we are trying to observe.

We are awaiting the arrival of an eQuinox Digital Telescope that will give us the ability to both observe and record the night skies. This is a great piece of equipment and something we will look to build our knowledge upon.

For those who enjoy Astrophotography we have an iOptron SkyGuide Pro mount that can hold your camera and track the objects you want to photograph allowing for long exposure times and improved image quality.


We welcome any contact from those wishing to make star grazing a part of their time on Rakiura and we will update our website as more detail comes to hand.

We would like to acknowledge the support we have been given by Astronz.

If you are wanting to get information or advice on Astronomy equipment then visit the Astronz website.