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Church Hill Restaurant Limited is a proudly New Zealand owned and operated business that offers fully hosted accommodation and dining on Stewart Island, New Zealand. We have an emphasis on fresh local produce, homemade and prepared to order. 

Your hosts are Deanne and Chris Sara who re-established Church Hill Restaurant & Oyster Bar in 2012 and Church Hill Boutique Lodge & Restaurant in 2017.

"For us, it is all about our island and the experience we want our guests to take away with them."

Situated on the hill by the church we offer our guests wonderful views of the bay, the outer islands and the best of Stewart Island.


The News

Church Hill is currently CLOSED for the 2019-20 season

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New Zealand has coped very well with the pandemic of Covid19, in fact, we have avoided it becoming a pandemic nationally and that means our lives have been preserved and we can now focus on rebuilding our businesses and nation's economy.

Although Church Hill is closed for what is our normal winter period of shutdown we will be working on next seasons menus and shaping the future of our business over the coming months. We are very enthusiastic about the future of our business and the island. We have a very strong focus on tourism on Stewart Island and with the impact on foreign tourism we have the opportunity to meet the needs of our domestic travelers.

Over the past few years we have been noticing that more kiwis are visiting the island and the percentage of kiwis dining with us has been increasing. This is cause for great confidence for the coming years as we adjust to new travel restrictions.

It is a wonderful time to think about New Zealand destinations and more specifically, Stewart Island.


Church Hill 2020 - 2021 Season

​Church Hill will reopen around October 2020.  The exact date is not yet decided but we will keep you posted when we can confirm.

We will be taking the time over the coming months to work on how our business will operate and bring the best experience we can offer to those choosing to spend time on our beautiful island.

We look forward to restarting in the new season. So many things will be different for so many of us, but rest assured, Stewart Island will always be a great destination and Church Hill will be a great way to experience it.

All prices listed for accommodation, dining, related products, and services are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD).

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