Our Food

You don't have to go far in this part of the world to find wonderful produce. For us it is all about showcasing the product in a wonderful setting.

Church Hill food is all about Stewart Island and Southland and that is something we don’t need to apologise for, after all, we are surrounded by some of the best produce in the world.

When you combine great produce with a desire to deliver quality cuisine, in a quality setting, with friendly and personal service you get a restaurant like Church Hill.

We are very proud of where we have taken our restaurant and being boutique we only cater for a few guests an evening. This allows us to produce our food fresh to order.

Food should always have a story; for us that story starts and ends with "homemade". We have a personal connection to growing it, sourcing it, maybe it was caught by my uncle on the west coast or maybe we waded in the cold waters to gather it ourselves.

We change our menu regularly to reflect what is available on the day. Sometimes things are not available for seasonal reasons, or the weather when it comes to fishing, or maybe we run out and await more, so please be aware that the listed items may differ from what is available during your visit.


Our Food

Our daily menus will feature a selection of the following local items:

Blue Cod






Southland Lamb and Beef



We grow produce for the restaurant using hydroponics. This has allowed us to have a greater range of fresh produce as the controlled environment of hydroponic growing makes it easier to compensate for otherwise difficult conditions on the island.

We have converted 2 of our 5 tunnel houses into hydroponic setups and so far everything is going very good.

Because we only cater for a few diners each evening we aim to produce enough to meet most of our needs; when and as required.

We very much enjoy being able to serve food that we not only make from scratch, but from produce that we grow in our own gardens.