Serious Astronomers

If you are a real keen Astronomer, we should talk. For those who have more than a passing interest in astronomy we would be happy to hear from those who can offer their skills and knowledge to our world of astronomy.

Serious about the Stars

At Church Hill we believe that being at a place with a Dark Sky status is something that is important, not just for us as a business, but to the community and greater region in general.

For this reason we want to encourage more people to see the opportunities that are available within astronomy on Rakiura. Whether you should be visiting for star gazing, astro-photography or for scientific reasons we would welcome anyone that is a serious astronomer to contact us so we can look to help with your visit.


If astronomy outreach is something you are involved in and would like to share your knowledge with others, and Rakiura is a place of interest to you, then please make contact and we can explore options for having you be part of astronomy on Rakiura with Church Hill.