About Stewart Island

Stewart Island is the third Island of New Zealand. It is not as remote as people often think. It is only an hour from Bluff by ferry and 20 minutes from Invercargill by plane. However, it does have those wonderful feelings a remote place has. It is quiet; even when it is busy, there are many places to walk and explore where you can be on your own, well most of the time.

Visitors choose to come to the Island so we get great tourists; they know what they want and are often surprised by what they find. The Island is a large place but the community is concentrated in the township of Oban and that means everything is easily accessible.

We are about nature and that will play a major part in your experiences on the Island. There are the birds and the sea, the walks and the fishing, the people and the easy nature of the community. It is safe and you will feel safe.

Everyone we talk to at Church Hill has enjoyed their time here and many wish they had stayed longer, what more could you ask of a place.

We hope you come to our Island and would love to have you share time with us at Church Hill. It gets very busy in the summer so think ahead and book the things you want to do.

But above all, enjoy your time wherever you find yourself.  

Sunrise at Halfmoon Bay




Doing it on your Own

Free Options:

Walking - Get a local area map and go for a walk. There are many walks situated within the village boundary. Generally they will be in good condition and suit all levels of fitness.

Photography - Grab your camera and explore. You will find unlimited subjects to snap; be you a nature or scenic lover, sunsets, and sunrises, there is something for everyone here.

Have a picnic - Make a lunch box and find a special place; sit and enjoy!

Explore our history - As you walk you will come across story boards and features that will both inform and entertain.

Meet a local - We are everywhere and pretty friendly, feel free to say hi and hear it from the horses mouth (so to speak)


For a small amount Options:

Rakiura Museum - Explore the local history in depth. We have  a rich European history that dates back to the early 1800's and a Moari history that dates back several hundred years.  

The great walk and beyond - Visit the DOC office or online and get the details. Many visitors come only for this so it can get busy, plan these activities

Ulva Island - Jump on a water taxi and spend a few hours on our beautiful and unique bird sanctuary. It is a few minutes to a slice of paradise. 

Bunkhouse Theatre - Give your feet an hour off and enjoy a quirky spin on island life. They also have a short film festival through the summer so check that out also.

Organised Activities

The island offers a wide range of activities that will require a little planning. In the summer months it gets very busy here and if you are planning a trip then avoid missing out by finding out what we have to offer.

There are many options and we haven't listed them all. Please take your time to inform yourself about what we offer on the island.

Beaks and Feathers

We happily recommend and work with Beaks and Feathers to organise Kiwi Spotting and guided walks for many of our guests. Being a small business like ourselves, with local people that have a passion for the Island, we know they are a great option for your visit.

  • Guided walks
  • Kiwi Spotting


Stewart Island Experiences 

  • Bus trips
  • Ferry tours
  • Kiwi spotting
  • Rental vehicles
  • Information center


Stewart Island Flights

  • Scenic Flights
  • Coast to Coast
  • Fly to Masons Bay


Beaks and Feathers

  • Guided walks
  • Natures pantry tours
  • Kiwi spotting


Ulva Island Ferry Services

  • Water taxi services


Rakiura Charters

  • Water taxi services


Ruggedy Range

  • Guided tours
  • Ferry trips
  • Tramping gear


Fishing charters

  • Lo Loma Excursions
  • Aurora Charter
  • Tequilla fishing charters 


Bird watching guided tours

  • Beaks and Feathers
  • Ulva's Guided Walks
  • Ruggedy Range


Rakiura Jade

  • Master carver Dave Goodin
  • Classes and sales
  • A truly special opportunity

"My wife carved me a beautiful piece which I never take off. You can learn and go away with your own beautiful memory."

and many more things to do........