AstronoMay 1

When the skies are clear I'm spending time learning about the stars

We now have our new Unistellar eVscope and it is turning out to be a wonderful astronomy tool. While I view a star, planet or the moon through the Dobsonian optical telescope I set the eVscope on its task of imaging Nebulae, Clusters and or Asteroids.

It is very self sufficient and operates from an app on my phone and tablet. I simply pick an object and let it image away for a number of minutes while I'm happily viewing something in the eyepiece of the optical telescope.

The eVscope is a digital telescope so utilises a camera as it's eyepiece. Up to 10 people can share the images that it is producing which means it is great for group observations.

The biggest issue at this time of the year is that it is not dark until well after 10pm. That does mean I have time to do the restaurant dishes but I'm very much looking forward to the longer nights that are offered from April onwards. We are planning on dedicating May to the stars. - it will be AstronoMay at Church Hill - and our focus will be on Astronomy activities. We are often closed in May but this year we will stretch out the season and look to host those keen on the stars and nice food.

Look out for more details about Astronomy and AstronoMay on our website.

Feel free to contact us if combining a trip to Rakiura, the stars and food sounds like your thing.

Some places may offer you an "out of this Universe" experience but at Church Hill, the Universe, is just part of the stay.

Posted by Deanne & Chris on January 18, 2022