It is great when the right atmosphere conditions come together with a nice evening

We had a great Aurora last night, Friday 29 April 2022. I took the lodge guests to Observation Rock after diner and we were treated to a great experience.

Photography always enhances the visual effect of the Aurora but we could clearly see it was present with the naked eye.

It was a good experience for us all as I haven't seen an Aurora that good before and they hadn't seen it at all.

I was able to do some astronomy with the guests and a little bit of astrophotography tutoring. It was good to practise as we look to being a participant in the astro-tourism sector.

This is just one of the great offerings that Rakiura has in terms of astronomy. If you are a keen astronomer then be sure to get in touch while you are on the island, we may be able to help you with your activities during your time on the island.

Posted by Deanne & Chris on April 30, 2022