The Great Holiday

Many things go into the prefect holiday, and that includes your time and money.

There is no doubting that Rakiura is a great destination for a holiday, and we want to help make it as great as possible. We are travellers ourselves, so we know what we like and don't like. For this reason we work hard through the summer to make the experience our guests enjoy as prefect as possible. The biggest thing you invest in a holiday is your time. This is a very valuable commodity for us all, after all, you can't buy more time. Then there is the money you invest in the holiday you chose to have. Money is a function of value; we all have different amounts to spend, but we desire what we do spend to represent good value.

We are very aware of these things and it drives the way we operate our business. The experience of everyone that visitors the island is very important to us and we respect the fact that many people choose to make Rakiura their destination. We are a small business and can only cater for a small number of those visiting our shores, but we do appreciate that all the visitors contribute to the success of the island and therefore make the options that are available better for everyone.

At Church Hill we operate our restaurant for the pleasure of the lodge guests. Even though we only cater for a few people each evening we still offer an full menu of choices for entrees, mains and deserts. We have a very strong passion for food and believe that our restaurant adds to the experience of those staying with us during their time on the island. Food options are limited on Rakiura, especially during the evenings, so having a fully functioning restaurant for the guests takes away one of the worries about where you may be able to dine in a limited market.

Now that we only operate our restaurant for lodge guests we can be even more ready to meet the other needs you may have while you are staying.

We wish all those visiting or beautiful home, the best holiday and time possible, and hopefully that includes us.


Posted by Deanne & Chris on April 17, 2023