Astronomy at Church Hill for the 2022-23 season

Looking forward to the 2022-23 season and undertaking more astronomy

Future Astronomy

Over the winter break we have been working on our future astronomical offerings. Chris attended the 2022 RASNZ conference in Whangarei, Northland, and was very inspired by the enthusiasm that exists within the astronomical community of NZ. There were many young high school students attending and they are keen to have a future career in science and astronomy.

As we look forward to the coming season, and how we can make astronomy a bigger part of our business, we are working on how to add the joy of astronomy to our guests and others visiting Rakiura. People have varying levels of interest in the stars and how they want to enjoy viewing them. It is easy to take dark skies for granted when your home sits within a dark sky sanctuary, but after spending many nights in the city I can appreciate much more what we have.

Being able to see amazing volumes of stars every time the sky is clear makes astronomy much more accessible. For those who are looking to spend their holiday time on the island we are looking to give them the opportunity to have another option to assist in that activity. Stargazing is very dependent on the weather but is a great evening opinion on the island, where evening options aren't as abundant as daytime options.

We have a reasonable amount of equipment to assist in stargazing - check out our Astrotourism page - and we are developing our knowledge of space so we can be better informed when we share our skies with others. Whether you are a serious astronomer or simply have a passing interest that you have always wanted to explore we are looking to be able to offer a unique experience.

We are excited with the idea of combining all the things we currently do well with a growing passion for astronomy. Astrotourism is a growing area and with the worlds borders reopening it is a good time to be able to offer new experiences to the visitors. It goes beyond a business opportunity as we have a true passion for astronomy and sharing it with others.

If you are interested in astronomy we welcome contact about what you would like to do and how we may be able to assist. We are a boutique business and will approach  astronomy the same way, with small groups and personalised activities.

Clear skies.

Posted by Deanne & Chris on July 06, 2022