Our thoughts are with the North

Thinking of all those in the ravaged North

We have had a great summer in the south, with warm and dry days. We need the rain of course, as it is our main source of water, but are pleased not to be hit with the downpour of the North.

We have had many quests from the North staying with us over the years and we hope that all is good for you at this time. The level of destruction is incredible but we know there will be a way forward, somehow. We lived in Christchurch during the earthquakes of 2011 and know what it is like to feel like you are living in a war zone. Fortunately for us we survived pretty well and by the time we had moved to Rakiura in 2012 much of life was back to "normal", but there were many still caught up in the devastation of the previous year.

If you are struggling we wish you all the best and urge you to stay strong and accept all the help that comes your way. Words can seem hollow at these times but time will see things right for most involved. We are as far away as you can be in New Zealand but we still know you are there and should there be an opportunity for you to escape for a while there will be a welcoming place in Rakiura to momentarily offer respite to your upside down world.

All the best from Deanne and Chris.

Posted by Deanne & Chris on February 21, 2023