Covid and Vaccination

Is the opening of the world nigh?

As the end of lockdowns comes closer to reality the next issue will be vaccination; or more aptly, the unvaccinated.

As a business that relies on the ability of people to travel it would be easy to simply say that we agree with vaccination as it is financially important to our survival. However, it is not as simply as that. As a business there is only the 2 of us so we don't have the issues of staff wanting to, or not wanting to, get vaccinated. We are both double vaccinated and chose this on the balance of the evidence we observed ourselves. Everything points towards the benefits of vaccination to the individual and hence the flow on effects to the wider community. There is a minority that will argue otherwise but I have drawn my own conclusions based on my observations so this is not a debate about the merits of the vaccine, but rather, the position I represent.

We will welcome the use of vaccination passports and will support mandates that work to keep our community safe and viable. Our industry has been at the forefront of the impacts of Covid and will once again be at the forefront of vaccination passports and mandated travel regulations. By stating a position, as everyone should, we can minimise the frustrations caused by two opposing ideologies meeting at the front door. 

We hope that those choosing to visit our island are vaccinated to protect themselves and us from the spread of Covid. I respect the choice some make to remain unvaccinated but hope in turn respect is given to our choice to prefer that our visitors are vaccinated.

This issue is going to become a real one very soon and when it does I hope that everyone has considered their position very carefully. If it turns out that only the vaccinated can venture to Rakiura then that is something I will be supporting.

We wish everyone the very best outcome from this situation and if we are very luckily then all will right itself without the need to force unwanted choices on us all.

Stay safe and get vaccinated.

Posted by Deanne & Chris on October 31, 2021