We thought we would experiment with hydroponics this season and so far it is looking great.

Hydroponics at Church Hill

This season we have started a hydroponics growing system to produce vegetables and flowers for the restaurant.

We have converted 2 of our 5 tunnel houses into hydroponic growing areas and we are using 2 growing techniques. We are using a NFT (nutrient film technique) system for most of our plants and a pot and reservoir system for tomatoes, capsicum and cucumber.

Thus far the results are showing great promise with the speed of growth and yield of flowers being better than previous years of growing in the soil.

Hydroponics offers us many advantages as a way of suppling food for the restaurant. We know exactly what we have growing and where it is. We can control when things are planted and therefore have a steady supply of produce as we need it.

We only cater for a small number of diners each evening so being able to harvest small quantities as they are required is prefect for us.

Deanne is enjoying planting new seeds and there is not the need to be watering everyday. She can been heard talking to the plants and not needing to get down to the earth and weed is an added bonus. I like the science behind hydroponics and the technical requirements to maintain the system is right up my alley.

We look forward to seeing how our new systems progress and having more fresh, homegrown produce, available for our diners to enjoy.

Posted by Deanne & Chris on October 31, 2021