Red Light Settings

As we are all aware the country is the "Red" setting of the Covid traffic light system

It can be a bit unsettling for people these days, wondering where we are going and what effects will be caused by the next phase of the Covid restrictions.

Our business is very boutique and only ever operates within the guidelines of the Red light setting of the traffic light system. We only have around 6 guests at a time at the lodge or restaurant and are mostly self contained as we do everything ourselves and only have guests that are fully vaccinated.

If you are booked to visit the island and stay with us we look forward to your visit and being able to host you in one of the safest setting in the country. If you are wanting to travel but still feel a little unsure then a visit to Rakiura may be the answer. We are a small population and there is plenty of space to stretch out and stay socially distanced.

We would love to be your hosts during your time on the island, if Rakiura, is the destination for you.

We wish everyone the best over the coming weeks and months and hope that things start to become freer rather than more constricted. We are very positive about the future and all that is on offer once we learn to live with the Corona virus.

Posted by Deanne & Chris on January 30, 2022