The Coming Season

As the country opens up on the 15th December to Aucklanders' and others in the red traffic light we look forward to another busy summer

After a few quieter than expected months at Church Hill we now look forward to the start of what should be a busy summer period. We, in the south, have enjoyed a relatively free life compared to those in the likes of Auckland. It has effected us as a business but not as much as those who have to live with the restrictions.

Now that we know the day things begin to get back to "normal" we look forward to once more greeting our fellow kiwi's that have been awaiting this day. With the great percentage of vaccinated, and the restrictions imposed on the unvaccinated, we should feel a certain amount of security about moving around and once again enjoying the whole of our country.

Overseas tourism will be slower to kick into gear and what it looks like is anyones guess; all that we can say is that it is still a great time to see New Zealand and we for one really hope Rakiura is again seen as a must do location. We have very limited capacity on Rakiura so planning your journey south is important.

There is a lot to be seen here and we offer a unique New Zealand experience. If nature is your thing and you have always wanted to see Rakiura then check out our website to see what we offer. We are all about food and pampering the guests at Church Hill and we are truely boutique with a focus on your enjoyment of the island and the investment you have made in spending your time with us.

We are unapologetic with our stance on vaccination and only those with valid vaccine passports will be permitted to stay or dine with us. We as a nation have lost a lot of time and expended much energy to get to this point and we aren't willing to go backwards this close to the finish line.

Where ever you stay when you are here on Rakiura, we wish you the best of time, and trust that the island will treat you as well as we would have.

Posted by Deanne & Chris on December 11, 2021